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Graphene lab Budget Worker Proposal New BitShares-Core Development Team 12.2019


Graphene lab is a team of experienced developers specializing in Graphene and EOSIO based chains. We have been operating in the market since 2015, developing projects using Graphene and actively educating russian-speaking community.
We offer a wide range of services: development of blockchain platforms from scratch and applications on the basis of already existing platforms, development of smart-contracts, creation of forks, complete rework of the product or extension of its functionality, integration of the blockchain to the business processes, consulting and audit.

GRAPHENE projects


Karma - blockchain platform for the global p2p-lending (based on the BitShares’ open source code).

Status project is live and in active development (since 2018 - by other team of developers)

XZEN - new generation cryptocurrency wallet for storage and management of assets of different types.

Status project is live and in active development (since 2018 - by other team of developers)

Graphene Lab was elected to develop a global redesign of BitShares - the oldest decentralized exchange.

Status project is frozen due to the lack of financing

BLICICO - platform on the EOSIO that helps insurance companies to verify crucial information about their clients that was previously recorded on the chain.

Status testing and debugging MVP Blicico.Cargo
DCD Ecosystem

DCD Ecosystem - decentralized ecosystem that unites all participants of card games industry on a single platform. Implemented on the EOS Mainnet.

Includes DCD Protocol (protocol for developers), DCD Fund (part of the profits is distributed to the fund which supports developers and distributes the dividends) and DCD Affiliates Program - completely transparent affiliate program.

Status in active development. The first released in March 2019

PokerChained - first decentralized, fully on-chain Texas Hold’em. It implements the Mental Poker algorithm and doesn’t have back-end code at all - all the game’s logic is implemented in smart-contracts. Shuffling of cards is also decentralized: it happens on players' devices only - this way no one knows players' cards except for themselves.

Status since March 2019 the game is in open beta. More than 100 000 hands were played in half a year 2019

New BitShares-Core Development Team

Current core team of developers has a monopoly. We believe that lack of healthy competition always leads to the lack of growth and decreasing quality of work. Also, the high price of the current worker proposal doesn’t meet the expectations of the majority of the community.
We invite the BitShares community to vote for a new development team. We guarantee very low rates and 100% immersion in work. In addition, we are ready to actively cooperate with various representatives of the community in order to make really needed and popular improvements.

BitShares Core Team Quality Effort Budget

New team Rate hour Hours week Weeks Weekly Monthly Total
$120 120 $4 000 $16 000 $208 000
CTO/Core developer $45 40 52 $1 800 $7 200 $93 600
Core developer $35 40 52 $1 400 $5 600 $72 800
QA/devops $20 20 52 $400 $1 600 $20 800
QA $20 20 52 $400 $1 600 $20 800
bag icon No travel budget tools icon No tools budget
Total cost $208 000
BitShares 10 400 000 BTS
BitShares with reserve 15 600 000 BTS
Daily 42 739,73 BTS

BitShares avr rate $0,02

We are ready to cooperate with other developers. In case there will be such a request, a discussion will be held with the community and open positions could be added when starting the worker.


Our main goal is to create the fair system of governance, increase the profitability of the platform and make it comfortable for all its users. It is only possible to achieve this by having a strong vision for the future of the BitShares – and we believe that it needs to be formed by close interaction between the community and the developers. We plan to hold an open discussion with the BitShares' community to realize where our efforts should be applied and what features are needed most.
Audit of the platform Changing the fee collection system Custom taker/maker fees (BSIP81, BSIP85)
Flexible settings of trading access keys Documentation for businesses with examples
Margin Call fee (BSIP74) Lending options Non-LTM referral & membership


Denis Bredikhin photo

Denis Bredikhin


Has a degree in marketing, more than 6 years in strategic consulting, and about 4 in project management

Igor Romanov photo

Igor Romanov

CTO/Core developer

Blockchain development, development of highly loaded systems, development of mobile applications, audit. Over 15 years of experience

Languages: C / C ++, C #, ASM, Java, OBJECTIVE C

Olga Pachenkova photo

Olga Pachenkova

Core developer

Blockchain development, the development of highly loaded systems, the main direction is data protection. Over 15 years of experience

Languages: C / C ++, ASM, Java

Ruslan Salikhov photo

Ruslan Salikhov

Core/backend developer

Blockchain development, development of trading bots, development of telegram bots. Over 7 years of experience

Languages: C ++ / Qt, Python, node-js

Dmitriy Kasatkin photo

Dmitriy Kasatkin


Experienced tester. Functional testing, system testing, performance testing, regression testing, usability testing, etc. Over 4 years of experience

team photo

+1 QA
+1 Community Manager
and others


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